Posted on February 26, 2015

What and Where Is This?

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The first person to correctly identify the purpose and location of the building shown in the photo above will be recognized as a truly perceptive scholar. Please send your responses to:

What area residents were talking about 52 years ago

Noted below are snippets of news, retrieved from local papers in the early part of February 1963.
The Downingtown Area Elementary School Board found temporary facilities for an additional 150 students projected to enroll in the system next fall. They included: one room at the West Bradford Fire Co to house the Marshallton School’s kindergarten, three rooms at the Alert Fire Co. in Downingtown; plus the multi-purpose room at East Ward was to be converted into two classrooms.
Members of the recently formed Civil War Buffs group at DHS were Michael Dorsey, John Miller, Charles Alexander, Allen Davis, Clifford Murduagh, John Getty, Richard Walton, Bert Nordblum, James Partlow, Stephen Pollock, George Dilworth, Eric Wasmuth, Scott Echols, Edward Hiltebeitel, Daniel Yost and Robert Hackman. Howard Caskey was the faculty advisor.
Elected to serve as trustees at East Brandywine Baptist Church were Robert Arters, Leon Faddis, Everett Henderson, Joseph McFalls, Elmer Moore, Francis Summers and William McFalls Jr. Chosen to serve as deacons and deaconesses were Norman Horner, Tom McKeever, Robert Mertz, Asa VanLew, Alice Esworthy, Marian Heidelbaugh, William Shaw and Sandra Plank.
Downingtown’s Borough Council agreed to apply for $72,800 in federal assistance for the planning of an urban renewal project in the borough’s central business district. Known as Downing Center, the project covered 14.2 acres. The package’s net cost was projected to cost $509,000, and local participation’s cost was estimated at $153,400.
Junior High students of art teacher Rebecca Casner, whose work was displayed at the Scholastic Art Award competition in Lancaster, included Kathy Black, Gayle Collins, Joan Poffenbarger, Susan Just, Gertrude Williams, Alan Heughs, William Inslee, Joy Wertz and Bill Kline.
Scoutmaster Duane Spiese and members of Troop 23, sponsored by Central Presbyterian Church, Downingtown, who participated in a Boy Scout Sunday service were Harry Joyner, Robert Kangas, Mike Norris, James Jarvis, Thomas Hickey, Philip Garnett, Gary Stern, Robert Norris, Joe Hilton and Harry Foreman.

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