Posted on November 23, 2017

Where Is This In Kerr Park?

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The first person who correctly identifies the exact site in Kerr Park where this date stone was installed will be recognized as a truly perceptive scholar. Please send your response to:

What locals were talking about 67 years ago

Noted below are items originally published in local newspapers in the latter part of June 1950:

  • Downingtown borough’s population grew by 6 percent—from 4,645 residents in 1940 to 4,926 in 1950—according to the federal Census. And Chester County’s population increased 17 percent—from 135,626 residents in 1940 to 158,691 in 1950.
  • Thirteen-year-old Bobby Hughes of Lyndell won third annual Soap Box Derby, sponsored by the Downingtown Lions Club. Hughes covered the one-quarter mile race down the borough’s Chestnut Street hill in 41.2 seconds. However, in a qualifying round, Johnny Atkinson, 12, of Downingtown, upset his racer and suffered a fractured left leg.

And elected as leaders of the Lions Club were Morris Jackson, president; Dr. William Reed, first vice president; Leebert Chambers, second vice president; Irwin Pollock, third vice president; John Rogers, secretary; Joseph Matthewson, treasurer; Wilson Pollock, tail twister; Dr. Anthony Ricci, assistant tail twister; William McNamara, lion tamer; Horace Miller, assistant lion tamer; and William Rowland and Earl Foreman, directors.

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