Posted on September 18, 2014

What & Where Is This?

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The first person to correctly identify the house in the photo above will be recognized as a truly perceptive scholar. Please send your responses to:

Downingtown area news 98 years ago

Noted below are news items published in the August 24, 1916 edition of the Downingtown Archive. It was characterized as an annual “Booster” issue, since the issue focused on the area’s progress in the current year. And the Downingtown weekly newspaper had much to crow about in 1916.
The Frank Miller Paper Co. added a paper box factory, and when construction of the company’s new paper mill is completed, it will employ about 500 men.  Also building additions were the S. A. Bicking Paper Co., the Downingtown Manufacturing Co., the Rowe Motor Co. and the Kerr Paper Co.
Also, the Philadelphia Brass Works, recently established a plant on the former property of the Cohansey Glass Works on Chestnut Street.
And the Eastern Chair and Novelty Co. plant in East Downingtown claimed to be the nation’s “leading manufacturer” of fiber chair seats, which had “every appearance of genuine leather.” One of its biggest customers was the 1,000 chain stores operated by the Woolworth Co. 

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