Posted on July 17, 2014

What & Where Is This?

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The first person to correctly identify the house in the photo above will be recognized as a truly perceptive scholar. Please send your responses to:

More Downingtown area news published 36 years ago

Noted below are news items originally published in the East Branch Citizen in the latter part of July 1978.
Sharon and Catherine Clark, who had been living at 357 Washington Ave., Downingtown, for five years, were being investigated by the U.S. Secret Service because they mailed threatening letters to President Jimmy Carter and other government officials. They also threatened to take over the Philadelphia Art Museum. The two sisters had been charged in 1976 by Washington Avenue neighbors, who alleged the pair “did cause alarm and seriously annoy the neighbors by hollering obscenities in the street, and did threaten to sic large German shepherd upon said neighbors.” Both women pleaded guilty to the charges of disorderly conduct and harassment, and District Magistrate C. Burtis Coxe fined them a total of $1,200, plus court costs.
(Editor’s Note: After the article on the Clark sisters was published, the East Branch Citizen sent a copy of the story to Jody Powell, White House Press Secretary. In response, Patricia Bario, associate press secretary, wrote: “Jody asked me to say thanks for sending along the story of the Clark sisters. He says, at last report, the President was planning to stay in residence at the White House for a number of years, and we hope that that pleases you as much as it does him.”)

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