Posted on October 1, 2015

What and Where Is This?

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What local people talked about in early September 1963

Noted below are items retrieved from local newspapers published 52 years ago.

  • Though sharply critical of the U.S. Supreme Court’s recent decision that banned Bible-reading in public schools, the Joint High School Board decided to give a one-month trial to  limiting students’ daily opening exercises to activities such as reading poetry and famous peoples’ quotation, and playing “good” music. Also, the Board was informed by the State Department of Public Instruction that Downingtown’s plans for a planetarium-classroom could not be eliminated from the school district’s plan for an addition to the high school. The director of the State’s Bureau of School Building Construction and Transportation claimed the planetarium-classroom provided a more adequate science program, and that the equipment could be bought for about $11,000, part of which could be paid for with federal funds.
  • In a preview of the DHS football team’s prospects for the 1963 season, Coach Ray DiSerafino said, “Speed has always been Downingtown’s biggest asset, and this year is going to be no different.”  DiSerafino, who was looking forward to his seventh seasonas head coach, admitted that, “our team is going to be small, averaging about 155 pounds, but that doesn’t worry me. I would sacrifice weight for speed anytime.” The team had a 5-4 record in 1962.

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