Posted on August 28, 2014

What & Where Is This?

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The first person to correctly identify the house in the photo above will be recognized as a truly perceptive scholar. Please send your responses to:

Downingtown area news published 36 years ago

Noted below are news items originally published in the East Branch Citizen in the early part of September 1978.
Glyn Jenkins, president of the Downingtown Area Education Association, said the new contract called for teachers to get an average raise of $1,100. The two-year package included an 8.5 percent boost the first year, and an 8 percent raise the second year.
More than $3.9 million, which was 32.1 percent of the Downingtown Area School District’s total revenue ($12.4 million), came from the state during the 1977-78 school year. Federal funds amounted to $149,416 (1.2 percent), and revenue from local sources totaled $8.2 million (66.7 percent).
Glen Wagner, who had been president of the Downingtown Area School Board for seven years, resigned because of ill health. Wagner, a Lyndell resident and executive vice president of   G.O. Carlson Co., Thorndale, first became involved with local schools when he joined the East Brandywine Township School Board more than 25 years earlier.
Members of the Sunday School staff at Messiah Lutheran Church were: Sylvia Kipp, Erna Napoletano, Susan Hunt, Betty Petri, Mr. and Mrs. Charles Bradford, John Bradford, Jane Westley, Mary Forbes, Yvonne Petrillo, Martha Cohen, Fred Ford, Doris Zelina, Mary King, Len Snyder, Karen and Steve Shirk, Jane Davidson and Rev. Barry Ridge.
Recent property transfers included: 56 Blakely Road, East Brandywine, $85,581; 1660 Suzanne Drive, West Bradford, $68,000; 213 Llandovery Drive, Uwchlan, $50,990; 31 Norwood House Road, Downingtown, $33,000; 134 Woodland Circle, East Caln, $68,500; 5 Marty Close Road, Wallace, $65,900; 13 Christine Drive, Upper Uwchlan, $75,000.

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