Posted on June 23, 2016

Where and What Is This?

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The first person to correctly identify the site in the photo above will be recognized as a truly perceptive scholar. Please send your response to:

What locals were talking about 68 years ago

Noted below are items originally published in local newspapers in early November 1948:

  • The Downingtown Young Men’s Association’s 33-voice chorus, attired in tuxedoes, presented its first concert in the auditorium of the Junior-Senior High School. They were directed by Edward Irwin, choral director in the school district. Geraldine Swarner and Margaret Helm were the accompanists. Soloists included Joseph Travaglini, Hathaway Frain, Tabby Swarner and Robert Laird. The chorus also included Charles Bransford, Gordon Carpenter, Frank Hughes, Clarence Miller, John Shisler, Peter Short, Joshua Berrier, Frederick Bicking, Allen Hughes, Wilson Pollock, Dr. Anthony Ricci, John Williams, William Ash, Harvey Young, Floyd Lilley, Gibson McIlvaine, Frank Pendergrast, Charles Rhinier and Walter Shaw.
  • Harry Truman, Democratic candidate, won another term in the White House when he defeated Tom Dewey, Republican candidate, in the national election, for the U.S. Presidency. However, Dewey received 29,258 of the 44,489 total votes cast in Chester County. Truman only got 14,670 votes in the county.
  • Gifts presented to Downingtown American Legion members, for their service, included: a Hamilton watch to Duer Smedley and Walter Crandall; a Legionnaire cap to Joseph Miller; cigarette lighters to William Zittle and Dan Menna; a Legion blue and gold jacket to bugler Jack Helm; and a past commander’s button and badge to Harlan Clavier.

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