Posted on April 20, 2017

What & Where Is This?

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What was happening here 86 years ago

Noted below are items originally published in the Downingtown Archive in the autumn of 1931:

  • There were increased efforts in the Downingtown area in 1931 to help needy families, as the Great Depression continued. The campaign initiated by the welfare committee of the Downingtown Lions Club had evolved to the point that the Ladies Aid Societies of the churches in the community, under the direction of Mrs. Penrose Larkin, were soliciting donations of fruits and vegetables, which were canned in the kitchen of the Downingtown Woman’s Club. And circulars--requesting that used clothing should be taken to the welfare committee’s storeroom on Brandywine Avenue--were distributed throughout the borough. Also, Downingtown’s Council extended the deadline for payment of borough taxes by two months. 
  • Enrollment in Downingtown Junior-Senior High School had increased from 265 students in the previous school year to 304 in the 1931-32 school year. But the school system’s efforts to expedite the construction of a new secondary school, to resolve the over-crowded conditions in the old school building on West Lancaster Avenue, had several challenges before construction on the project could begin. Although the purchase of 15 acres of farm land, where the school was to be built on the east side of Manor Avenue, almost had to be accomplished by condemnation, an amicable arrangement was made with the Pollock family. And the school board decided to await the action of bidders on the $160,000 bond issue before awarding construction contracts on the project.

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