Posted on July 2, 2015

What and Where Is This?

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When Good Neighbor Day was revived in 1979

Good Neighbor Day was revived as Downingtown’s Fourth of July celebration 36 years ago. The Run For Life road race allowed the some 400 entrants to run three, six or nine miles, according to the East Branch Citizen. The 3-mile race was won by Shawn Urbine, in 16:50 minutes. And Janis Frazer was the fastest female, 3-mile runner, with a 20:59 time.
The fastest 6-milers were Alfredo Gonzalez, 38:23, and Lex Ziobro, 39:56. And the winners of the 9-mile competition were Jerry Gluckman, 56:21, and Kathy Pomento Dodd, 63:19.
Also, Tony Przychodzien, who is the only runner to have competed in all 36 GND races, was the top fundraiser, with $300 in pledges.
Good Neighbor Day also included a canoe race down the Brandywine, from Kerr Park to Georgia Farm in East Bradford. That race had been initiated several years earlier by the Downingtown Jaycees. Competing against 61 other canoes, Louise and Ed Ritti finished first in the 7.2-mile race, with a time of 1:11.12.
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