Posted on October 23, 2014

Where Is This?

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The first person to correctly identify the building, shown above, will be recognized as a truly perceptive scholar. Please send your responses to:

Lindbergh’s landing in W. Bradford was a historic event

Charles Lindbergh became the world’s best-known celebrity during the Roaring Twenties, after he was the first pilot to make a solo, non-stop, trans-Atlantic flight on May 20-21, 1927.
So when “Lucky Lindy’s” plane made an emergency landing, due to poor visibility because of a dense fog, almost a year later in a field on the farm property of Emmor Way, in the Romansville section of West Bradford Township, that was a major event in Chester County history.
And local residents were astounded when they learned that Lindbergh and New York attorney Henry Breckenridge had landed in Lindbergh’s plane Lone Eagle on March 13, 1928, according to news reports a day later. Lindbergh’s plane was a duplicate of The Spirit of St. Louis, the plane he had flown from Roosevelt Field, Long Island, NY, to Paris on the historic flight in 1927.

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