Posted on September 21, 2017

Where and What Is This?

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The first person who correctly identifies the site in the photo above will be recognized as a truly perceptive scholar. Please send your response to:

What locals were talking about 67 years ago

Noted below are news items originally published in local papers in the latter part of April 1950:

  • St. Anthony’s Lodge sought bids on constructing a proposed $75,000, two-story addition to its quarters on Church Street in Downingtown. The plans called for widening the club by 20 feet on the west side, to accommodate a new kitchen, office and meeting rooms, and redecorate the exterior of the current building. Elected as officers of St. Anthony’s Ladies Auxiliary were Mrs. Samuel Mento, president; Margaret Sciarretta, vice president; Mrs. Joseph Mento and Mrs. Louis Mascherino, secretary; and Mrs. Walter McClure, treasurer. Proceeds from the minstrel put on by the Auxiliary were donated to the organ fund of St. Joseph’s Church. Eva Taraschi, the minstrel’s interlocutor was supported by a cast of 50 women. They included “endmen” Laura Reutter, Mary Sbei, Mary Ciarlone and Josephine Manetta. 
  • A tentative agreement had been reached between the Downingtown Iron Works and the local United Steel Workers Union, relative to a pension and social welfare plan. The pension trust, voluntarily installed by the Iron Works in 1942, was amended to include minimum monthly payments, including Social Security benefits, of $60 for 15 years of service, and pro-rated for up to $100 per month for 25 or more years of service. The cost of the pension plan was covered entirely by company contributions, as had been the practice in the past.

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