Posted on May 25, 2017

What & Where Is This?

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Yes, this one is a toughie. But thousands of you drive on the thin, white line that runs horizontally across the aerial photo above, which was taken on September 20, 1937. What we’re looking for is the identity of what now occupies much of the farmland show in the photo. The first person to correctly answer that question will be recognized as a truly perceptive scholar. Please send your response to:

What locals were talking about 67 years ago

Noted below are items originally published in local newspapers in the latter part of February 1950:

  • The Ladies Auxiliary donated $365 to the Alert Fire Co., to be used to buy inhalator/ resuscitator equipment for firefighters. The auxiliary’s committee chairmen included Ella Lammey, chaplain; Mrs. Benjamin Summers, pianist; Mrs. Fred Jamison and Mrs. Bessie Osborne, property; Mrs. Paul Dowlin, flowers and cards for the ill; Mrs. Frank Pendergast, Mrs. Edna Pendergast, Mrs. A. J. ¬†Brookover, Mrs. Francis brown, Mrs. Hazel Wills, and Mrs. Elizabeth Whiteman, entertainment; Mrs. Carrie Gregory, Mrs. Audrey Thompson, Mrs. Dorothy Robinson and Mrs. James Stauffer, membership.
  • DHS students who made the District Chorus were Patricia Patterson, Eleanor Detterline, Ronald Hogg, John Shisler, Ronald Piersol, James Zaferes and Leo Ciarlone.
  • A proposal to construct a new lodge by members of St. Anthony’s Lodge was turned over the building committee, chaired by Oscar DiBerardinis.

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