Posted on February 23, 2017

What & Where Is This?

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What locals were talking about 36 years ago

Noted below are news items originally published in the East Branch Citizen in the latter part of February 1981:

  • Downingtown’s Council, questioned the $5,000 fee charged by John Milner Associates for a two-page report on the feasibility of moving the Log House, the borough’s oldest structure, located in a flood plain in Kerr Park along East Lancaster Avenue. The two pages were only an interim report, said Milner, who also noted that the fee reflected three months of work on the proposal, not just a preliminary report.  
  • The Downingtown Area School Board voted to spend $40,000 annually to lease a new computer system, which replaced an older system whose lease had cost $32,500. The new system, a Burroughs B1700, was 50% faster and its memory was four times greater than the Burroughs B1910 system in current use.
  • Dr. Charles Micken, superintendent of the Downingtown Area School District, reported that 38.5 percent of the DHS Class of 1980 entered a four-year college, and 4.4 percent were attending a junior college. When those who were enrolled at nursing schools, business schools, or technical schools were included in the total, 49.8 percent of the class was attending a post-secondary, educational institution

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