Posted on April 16, 2015

What and Where Is This?

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Happenings in the Downingtown area 52 years ago

Noted below are news items originally published in local papers in the early part of April 1963.
Dan Tabas petitioned Downingtown Borough Council to have the Downingtown Motor Inn, the Farmer’s Market, and the remainder of his holdings in East Caln Township—a total of 250 acres—to be incorporated in the borough in order to take advantage of the Downingtown  water and sewer systems.
The new Lakeview Swim Club, located in the Cornog section of Glenmoore, was offering yearly family memberships for $50 and $20 for individuals. The club had a 500-foot X 80-foot lake, as well as bathhouses, a sun deck, a picnic area and a refreshment stand. The club also offered early morning skin diving and ice skating during the winter.
Schanely’s Jewelry Store, at 130 E. Lancaster Ave. in the borough, announced its Going Out of Business. All of the store’s merchandise was being sold at one-half prices.
Members of the cast in the DHS production of “The Guy from Venus” included Mary Ann Smedley, Jack Hines, Steve Charles, Robert Crane, Barbara Warren, Susan Schofield, Jim Helms, James Williamson, Pam Backenstose and Bill Ash.
Members of Cub Pack 2 who earned awards included Lewis Capriotti, Norman Sendler, Kenny Harmon, Bill Dorman, David Hemberger, Edward Campbell, Gordon Patrizio, Michael Miller, Danny Snyder, Arthur Harrison and Billy Woodruff. Leaders of the pack, which met in Downingtown’s Borough Hall, were Clifford Ratcliffe and Roger Patrizio.
New members of the Caln Township planning commission were Victor Sarkissian, Charles Drasher, Edgar Buchanan and Louis Seltzer. They joined planning director Robert Dougherty on the five-member board.
Elected as officers of the Downingtown branch of the Chester County Hospital were Mrs. Ralph Ralston, president; Mrs. Allison Hallowell, vice president; Mrs. Charles Huber, recording secretary; Mrs. Stanley Senneff, corresponding secretary; and Mrs. Weldon Bicking, treasurer.
Students who participated in a Junior High talent show were singer Susan Myers, trombonists Dale Moore, Christine Harrison and Debbie Harrison, ukulele player John Johnson, guitarist Terry Davis, saxophonists Irwin Williamson and pianists Jane Jarvie and Alan Novak. 

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